Jonathan Franzen, Free eBooks & Kindle Fire Sales: Top Stories of the Week

For your weekend reading pleasure, here are the most popular eBook headlines of the week, including Jonathan Franzen’s eBook commentary, a video about the cutting edge features of print books and an iBooks author demo.

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1. How to Convert EPub Books for use on Kindle
2. New Parody Commercial Promotes the Cutting Edge Features of a Book
3. Free eBooks of the Week
4. More Books Published This Week Than In 1950
5. Kindle Fire Sales Challenge iPad: Study
6. 74% Of Book Buyers Have Never Bought An eBook
7. New Hack Lets You Root a Nook Tablet From a microSD Card
8. Average Price For Kindle Book $6.48, Nook $8.94
9. Demo eBook Made with iBooks Author Now Available
10. Jonathan Franzen Says eBooks Are Damaging