WaPo’s Capehart Faces Anti-Gay Tweets Ahead of Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Supreme Court hearings on the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s same-sex marriage ban will dominate much of the week’s news cycle. They’re hot-button topics which inevitably bring out the crazies.

“ARE U THAT MSNBC HOMOSEXUAL , ARE U A PITCHER OR A CATCHER. HA” one Twitter user said to WaPo columnist and MSNBC Contributor Jonathan Capehart Monday night. Capehart, who is openly gay, retweeted the remark and added, “Bigots on parade so late? Buhbye,” he said.

A separate follower of Capehart’s said he should stop retweeting negative comments because it “encourage[s] the ugly.” Capehart said he retweets them to “expose the ugly.”

“The anti-gay tweets appear at least a few times a week, but especially after I write something gay related,” Capehart told FishbowlDC. Indeed, the offending tweet came after… Capehart asked if “anything non-gay” happened that day. He said he gets racist tweets “almost daily” but he said those and the anti-gay ones don’t affect his work.

“If anything, they strengthen my resolve against such anonymous bullies. Some folks wonder why I retweet such ugly comments. I do so to expose the writer, to let that person and others know that I won’t be cowed and to let folks know that there are people with 18th century thinking in the 21st.”