Jonathan Adler Stirs the Pot with Kate Moss Quote Pillow

Designer about town Jonathan Adler is ruffling feathers this week with the release of…a pillow. Adler stitched onto said pillow a phrase uttered by model Kate Moss in an interview last year, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” That phrase caught fire at the time, angering people who felt it was insensitive to people who struggled with self-image or weight issues. Though blogger Perez Hilton tried using the controversy as a joke last year by printing t-shirts with the line on it, he quickly felt the wrath and yanked it off his sales page, apologizing along the way. Now apparently Adler wants to try dipping his toes into the fray and has done so with this pillow for Kirna Zabete, already catching some heat. We’re staying out of it completely other than to once again use ellipses to indicate that this latest fight it over…a pillow.