Winter Storm ‘Jonas’ Was Named During Tuesday Lunch Period

Another big moment for the Bozeman High School Latin club.

Last night, Nick Jonas blew into Park City for the Sundance Film Festival premiere of fraternity hazing drama Goat. Our THR colleague David Rooney writes that Jonas, in a supporting role, is “terrific.”

Here in New York, it’s of course a different Jonas wallop that is now playing. However, the origins of the storm’s name come from a state not too far from Utah. Montana, to be exact.

Since 2012, the Latin club at Bozeman High School has been providing the Weather Channel with a list of alphabetical blizzard names from which to work. There is a flurry of media coverage each fall , both local and national. As one student told NPR’s Renee Montagne, the 2015-16 edition includes at least one major compromise:

MONTAGNE: This season, you might see a winter storm named Yolo. That name didn’t come from the Bozeman High Latin club. They want you to know that was the Weather Channel’s idea.

COLTON LIPFERT: We were very much so against it.

Ha ha. For what it’s worth, a lot of people agreed with Lipfert when the 2015-16 list was initially revealed. In 2014-15, the Weather Channel used 21 out of the 26 names submitted by the Latin club, which meets every Tuesday at lunch. Stay safe!

[Top image courtesy: @TheAstroNick]