Jonah Peretti Prefers BuzzFeed Garbage to Other Garbage

Jonah Peretti, founder of BuzzFeed, only enjoys one specific type of garbage. Allow us to explain. During his speech at the American Magazine Media Conference, Peretti condemned sites for being slaves to traffic stats. According to Capital New York, Peretti explained that when all sites do is focus on numbers, they end up limiting themselves and publishing shitty content:

There’s a lot of over-optimization on the web. You see this sort of side-boob attraction. There are some celebrities whose dress lets you see their side boob, right? And so you put an image of that on the front of your website and you say ‘wow that gets really high numbers.’ If you were a slave to the numbers you start creating more stuff like that and more stuff like that and more stuff like that, and pretty soon you will have a site full of trash and salacious garbage, and you could say, by just looking at the numbers, you will be hitting a local maximum where lots of people would never want to read your site.

This is all very true.

It’s also true for BuzzFeed. SEO over-optimization leads to lowbrow content, but so does making sure everything you publish is “socially shareable.” This is why BuzzFeed posts something about “restoring your faith in humanity” about once a week. They know it gets shared via social networks, so they keep pumping the posts out, even though they’re crap.

Let’s not even get into the fact that Peretti is obviously talking about The Huffington Post, which he also founded. Instead, let’s just remember that there’s a lot of garbage on the Internet. Just because you got used to your odor doesn’t mean it smells good.