Jonah Peretti, Studio Mogul?

That’s how the BuzzFeed founder may soon be viewed on the west coast and beyond, per his recent conversation with LA Times reporter Andrea Chang. The company recently moved its west coast office to a new location on Beverly Blvd. and also leases production space nearby.

Peretti notes that Psy‘s mega-popularity came from that video’s “shareability,” and says video is a big missing piece of BuzzFeed:

The LA team, he said, is building the “TV studio and movie studio of the future” by creating original videos to fit these new patterns of media consumption…

The LA office officially opens October 23, but a team of BuzzFeed videographers has been filming and editing content around the city in the last year. They’ve already churned out more than 700 videos, 123 of them amassing one million views or more, said Ze Frank, who was hired last year to lead the team.

The only recent black mark against BuzzFeed is the canning of the employee known as Copyranter. If there’s any viral video justice, that gentleman (Mark Duffy) will unleash a one-million-plus YouTube chronicle of his fate. Our suggested angle: “BuzzFeed vs. Freelance.”

P.S. That’s former Mediabistro staffer Andrew Gauthier in the video above. Way to take two or three for the team! (Apparently, “Drunk vs. Baby” is next.)