Journalist Refuses to Be Fired by Donald Trump Tweets

After some Google and soul searching, National Review senior editor Jonah Goldberg has decided to remain on the beat.

On the anniversary weekend of Seth Meyers’ classic WHCA dinner barbs about Donald Trump, The Donald is getting it from another D.C. end – National Review senior editor Jonah Goldberg.

That’s the headline of Goldberg’s piece, at right. In the article, Goldberg recaps how Trump this week tweeted that the journalist should be fired for comparing the billionaire’s Twitter M.O. to that of a 14-year-old girl. Goldberg begins his riposte as follows:

Now, having Donald Trump scold me for my less-than-progressive views about women invites any number of responses. The easy way to go would be to point out the hypocrisy. But I think his hypocrisy is merely the Rose Window of the larger cathedral of Trumpian asininity here.

Arguing with Trump is sort of like dressing up an adorable toddler in a Viking outfit and listening to it say that he will raid my village and slaughter all in his path. It’s cute. It’s funny. Maybe it’s even vaguely disturbing if he goes on too long (“I shall hang you from the fence post as a blood eagle! And I have a boom-boom in my diaper, daddy!”). But, just as with Trump’s ranting, the one thing you don’t do is take it seriously.

From there, Goldberg soon gets more serious about the overall context of a Trump Twitter attack. Read the rest of this week’s G-File dispatch here.