Jon Stewart’s Tough Love For Blogs

Are there no sacred cows that Daily Show host Jon Stewart won’t take on? Fresh off his “Two Days Of Yelling With Bill O’Reilly” tour — which encapsulated everything the blogosphere loves about Stewart — the Comedy Central host turned on his cherished fans, calling the titles of many political articles about him “freakishly out of proportion.”

Stewart proved his point by taking headlines from Huffington Post, The Raw Story, Crooks and Liars and as literal truths, saying “If you followed the stories on these blogs, you would think I was running around town, cutting people from throat to sternum, wearing their skin as a trophy.”

Why, it’s almost as if he is accusing these sites of being sensationalist in order to draw in readers. That never would have happened in traditional media!

All joking aside, this was still more of a gentle ribbing of his fans than it was a full-scale Stewart attack. More than anything, it let his viewers know that no one, not our current president who he rooted so strongly for during the election, not Rachel Maddow, not even the very blogs that praise his name to the heavens, are safe from scrutiny. Which, actually, is just good reporting.

Watch the video after the jump.

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