Jon Stewart Starts Twitter Slapfight Between U.S. Embassy And Egypt [VIDEO]

Jon Stewart is hilarious and his observations are dead-on. If you don’t like him, you’re humorless (and won’t like this post).

But we wonder if he ever scares himself with how far his influence and irreverent humor travels? For example, one would assume starting a slapfight between two nations would be a tad stressful.

The Washington Post caught an exchange between the U.S. Embassy in Cairo and the Egyptian Presidency Twitter accounts. It seems the embassy found Jon Stewart’s on-air mock of Egypt’s President so hilarious they had to tweet it.

In the video, Stewart criticized President Morsi for arresting Bassem Youssef (a political satirist, much like Stewart) who was imprisoned briefly this weekend for “insulting Islam” and “belittling” Morsi.


And the Egyptian Presidency was not amused. Posting this response to the tweet:

And they also posted this press release about the “Questioning of the Comedian” on Facebook:

Well then!

Want to see the video causing such a hubub? Here you go! If this one gets taken down as well, a quick Google search will find another no doubt, or you can check out the full episode here.

Think Stewart is sweating this one – or is it just business as usual?

(Slapfight image from Shutterstock)