Jon Stewart: New York Mets Radio Pitch-Man

Driving on the FDR yesterday, listening to a commercial on WFAN, there was familiar voice urging me to buy New York Mets tickets this season.

Jon. Stewart.

So, to recap an Emmy award-winner’s career trajectory:

  • Daily Show, host | 1999-Present
  • Oscars, host | March 2006
  • New York Mets, radio pitch-man | March 2006
  • Peabody Awards, host | June 2006
  • My Annual Summer Barbeque, host* | July 2006

    * tentative

    Note: The spot itself sounds, well, well-done actually. Stewart doesn’t stumble over names like Delgado, Reyes and Beltran, and actually sounds genuine. Kind of like a guy who named his dog “Shamsky” after the only Jewish member of the 1969 “Miracle” Mets.

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