Journalists Try to Process Jon Stewart’s Stunning News

Daily Show host tips the end of a comedy era

JonStewartPicSince Jon Stewart and his writers are geniuses when it comes to filtering the day’s news through quirky filters, we’re going to jump back to this exact date in 1967. That’s when the 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified.

The Amendment deals with the succession of the U.S. Presidency, clarifying procedures by which a vacancy of that office must be filled. But what about the Commander-in-Mischief? Where’s the blueprint for replacing him?

On Twitter, journalists are in a state of disbelief that the Emmy Award winning mentor to John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell and so many more talents in front of and behind the camera is hanging it up. Stewart made the announcement during the taping of tonight’s episode that he will be exiting sometime later this year.

Although folks are throwing out names like Oliver as a logical successor, perhaps the best move is to retire the franchise altogether. Like The Colbert Report, The Daily Show begins and ends with Stewart. So table it when the man leaves and fill the Monday-Thursday Comedy Central time slot with a completely new program.

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