Jon Robin Baitz Roundup

baitzout04.jpgJon Robin Baitz has been given the boot from Brothers and Sisters, the show he created. He’s had plenty to say about it himself, but that doesn’t keep the “pundits” from weighing in.

Defamer: “There must be a less extreme and destructive solution than Baitz’s suggestion of burning the entire city to the ground and rubbing salt on the charred ruins of the Spearmint Rhino.” “How exactly might this affect Brothers & Sisters‘ gay content? That question is of great concern to gay viewers as the Sunday night drama, regularly ranking in the Nielsen’s Top Twenty Network Primetime Series, has been one of the most gay-friendly and gay-inclusive ever on network television.”

Watching Brothers And Sisters: “He also deploys quite a wide array of verbal artillery to blast the item’s author, Michael Ausiello [who first reported the ouster in his column]. I’m not sure about the wisdom of starting feuds with gossip columnists, but Baitz makes it pretty clear that he’s not going to play by Hollywood rules anymore, and, okay, good luck with that.”