Hollywood Entrepreneur Flips Entropia Universe Hotspot for Huge Profit

San Francisco based Forbes contributor Oliver Chiang picks up on this fall’s oddest Hollywood press release. Entitled “Club NEVERDIE Virtual Asteroid Sells for World Record $635,000,” it detailed how actor-turned-entrepreneur Jon Jacobs (pictured) turned a $100,000 2005 investment in the online gaming world Entropia Universe into a whopping 2010 resale.

Chiang writes:

Make no mistake, Jacobs isn’t your stereotypical gamer geek… He deals with movie and music moguls, running a business out of a 6,900 square-foot office in the heart of Hollywood, in the historic El Capitan Theatre… Jacobs has a penchant for flamboyant dress. He has his own theme song.

In the real-cash world of Entropia Universe, Jacobs’ Club Neverdie, located on an asteroid near Planet Calypso, had become THE hot ticket destination. He was able to sell it piece-meal to some folks for such a huge sum because it generates an annual income of $200,000.

The Chiang Forbes article touches on some other elements of Jacobs’ colorful past, including dad’s Harry Potter lawsuit and a VR film pitch made to Jean-Claude Van Damme. Jacobs is already busy with a new online gaming world mega-project, ROCKtropia, funded with $6 million of private seed money.