Mad Men Star Ribs London Hotel

The conversation for the Jon Hamm British GQ September cover story took place at New York’s Mandarin Hotel.


But for Alice Howarth’s more recent Web sidebar, it was a London boutique hotel with the seemingly perfect name for the occasion. So that’s where the conversation started:

GQ: Is it a coincidence that we’re in the Ham Yard Hotel?

Jon Hamm: [Laughs] it is a coincidence! They spelled it wrong which is retarded, I mean, come on you guys! No double m, what a shame. I can see a gold pineapple from my room on the roof of another building, so it’s like ham and pineapple – very Hawaiian.

Hamm surely wishes he could take back the R-word. As the actor notes later in the Q&A, his beard makes him almost unrecognizable when compared to the British GQ cover.

Meanwhile, for any of our single male readers wishing to emulate Hamm, the perfect Labor Day weekend move might be to pick up and reference, as needed, a copy of Michael Dahlie’s novel A Gentleman’s Guide To Graceful Living. The actor just finished it and told Howarth it was “fantastic.”