Jon Friedman Vs. A-Rod


Poor Alex Rodriguez. The Yankee who can’t keep his mouth shut for five seconds and who alienated 95% of his fans through a unique program of faux-pases with the New York Post and ESPN… Well, now Jon Friedman calls him “the least media-savvy athlete in the world“:

What’s stunning, though, is that A-Rod sometimes looks like the least media-savvy athlete in the game, if not the world. He comes across as a “me-first” athlete who will say anything to look like a good guy when he is acting like a bad guy. (For example, he was saying how much he loved New York and the Yankees’ tradition while hoping to field offers to go to another city and team.) It’s surprising because A-Rod is articulate, smart and very eager to please journalists by providing useful quotes and plenty of access during baseball season. But in his most recent chance to look sharp and sensitive, A-Rod flunked his media-savvy test yet again.

Jon, we love you and everything… but the “least media-savvy athlete in the game, if not the world”? Cough Barry Bonds cough.