Jolie’s Publicist Sends Scolding E-mail

Late last night we heard from Angelina Jolie‘s publicist after reporting the apparent disastrous news that Jolie may appear at the Center for Public Integrity’s luncheon on Jan. 20 that will release a special report on slain WSJ reporter Daniel Pearl.

We stand by our reporting. It is true that it has been quietly discussed that she may attend. Just because a publicist is denying the possibility or insisting that we said “confirmed” (when we did not) doesn’t mean that is true. As one journo who has been put through the ringer by PR types put it to me this morning, “PR people are just liars!” Not all, but in some cases that might apply.

Below is Media Talent Group’s Oren Segal‘s email. In other news about being scolded for our item, the Center for Public Integrity’s Media Relations Manager Steve Carpinelli wrote me another note and we’re mending our differences. He warmly agreed to lighten up about this whole matter.

Hopefully Oren can do the same. Okay Oren?

Dear Betsy,

Angelina is not confirmed to attend this event. Moving forward please fact check with us. Thank you.



Oren Segal
Media Talent Group
9200 Sunset Blvd., Suite 550
West Hollywood, Ca. 90069