Jojari App Matches Your LinkedIn Page with Job Openings

Sick of sifting through pages and pages of job openings that don’t match your resume?

The new Jojari app helps you find a job by matching your LinkedIn page with online job openings. You simply sign into the service using your LinkedIn account, and the search engine will list the best matches. If you don’t want to use LinkedIn, the service also lets you upload your resume to perform the same search.  Check it out:

In layman’s terms, Jojari can be given a document and it will very quickly find other very similar documents. This concept is extremely powerful in recruitment, where finding similar people and relevant jobs is typically a very laborious process. Jojari is based on the Sajari search technology, which was created with the idea that a document can actually be used as a search query, much like people type in keywords on Google or Bing. Unlike 2 or 3 keywords (the average size keyword search!), a document carries a lot more information, so it makes sense to use all of this information when searching for similar information. Jobs are a perfect example of this: job searchers have a resume, employers have a job description, so a job search application based on documents makes sense. Each search is document to document, “apples to apples”.

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