How Quickly Do People Join Different Social Networks? [INFOGRAPHIC]

On his popular site Vincos Blog, Italian social media expert Vincenzo Cosenza tracks the popularity of social networks across the globe.

One of his projects includes a fascinating infographic that examines the rate at which different people adopt different social media networks, from Twitter to LinkedIn.

As Cosenza writes,

“Anyone who engages with a given innovation fits into one of five categories: innovators (2.5% of the potential population of adopters), early adopters (12.5%), early majority (34%), late majority (34%), laggards (16%). Each of these groups has unique psychographic characteristics that cause people to be more or less likely to adopt a given technology at a particular point in time.”

With the aim of plotting the diffusion rate of social networking sites and their future trajectories, Cosenza created the following bell curve graphic. Note that to determine each social network’s adoption rate, he divided the number of registered users by the number of potential adopters.

According to Cosenza’s work, Twitter is situated squarely in the “early majority” sector. Do you think that’s a fair conclusion, in contrast to say, Google+ and Foursquare being adopted sooner by “innovators”?

(Source: Vincos Blog. Social networks image via SocialMaximizer.)