Johnson Allowing Employees to Reapply For Jobs

Chicago-based Johnson Publishing has struck on a novel way to deal with layoffs. Actually, come to think of it, the whole plan sounds like the premise for some sort of media-meets-Survivor reality show — perhaps something publishers may want to consider revenue-wise as the outlook becomes more dire.

Anyway! Here’s the deal. Johnson, publisher of Ebony and Jet, is apparently going through a “multi-phase” staffing reorganization during which current staff will be asked to reapply for new positions within the company — meaning, among other things, there will probably be very little “plumping up” of the resume! Seriously, though, imagine being asked to reapply for your own job. Folio reports that certain employees will be eligible for new positions.

And in a statement about the reshuffling, which could also work as a great lesson on how to use the greatest amount of words possible to say absolutely nothing, a Johnson spokesperson says “We are executing a multi-phase reorganization by adding new capabilities to service the changing media environment and expand the presence of our iconic brands while strategically improving our operational efficiencies.” There you have it. Someone should pitch to Bravo.