Johnny Lopez on the Lesbian Oscars? Chris Ayres on Everything Else


Joining us late in the Oscar blogging category are two writers too good to pass up–Johnny Lopez and the London Times’ Chris Ayres. Lopez has the single best line about the event:

The 2007 Academy Awards shall go down as the Lesbian Oscars. From Ellen & Melissa to Jodie & Latifah, the ladies who love ladies were out, well sorta, in full force. Let the red carpet munching begin!

He really should write for the show, as he zings everyone:

James McAvoy It’s not hard to look cute when your most famous role is playing a man-goat in Narnia.

Tracey Edmunds is the biggest beard since ZZ Top.

Sherry Lansing Ladies and Gentlemen, the lost Gilmore Girl.

Tobey Maguire Is he trying to look like Ed Grimley from SNL?

Philip Seymour Hoffman The lesbian Oscars keep on truckin’. Hey everyone, it’s Cynthia Nixon’s ‘husbian’ life-partner.

Ayres notices a moment that made us laugh, too:

Al Gore was on stage, congratulating Leo DiCaprio for being an eco-warrior, when the camera panned to the audience – and settled unfortunately on the comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who was in the middle of an epic yawn. When Jerry noticed the camera, he opted for the tried-and-tested strategy of trying disguise the yawn as a sniffle. Huge laughs here in the Oscars-viewing room.

Ayres also noticed Gwynnie’s new accent, but then he would, wouldn’t he?