Johnica Reed On Social Marketing In Emerging Networks (And Getting A Job From One)

By now we all have at least a passing familiarity with Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. But if you work in social marketing, you know that your job is to not just make use of the big platforms but to seek out your audience where they hang out and talk to them there.

That could mean answering questions on Linkedin Answers, making a presence on Yelp, or joining Formspring.

Social marketing expert and teacher Johnica Reed in today’s session of’s Social Media Marketing Boot Camp had this (among many other things) to say about marketing on emerging networks:

A lot of people have been wondering, is Quora going to stay around?
I really like Quora. When I ask a question, I typically get a response. You can follow questions based on a topic you’re trying to follow, so I follow questions related to tech, digital, and travel. It’s awesome as a marketing tool. On Quora, JJ Abrams, who’s the director of Super 8, before the film came out he answered questions. And that got a lot of social media buzz. So you or the CEO of your company could participate in a q&a on Quora.

(A student asked, how can you guarantee enough participation on a network like Quora?)

There are enough people on LinkedIn and there are enough people on Quora. Can you ensure that those people will actually be paying attention or asking you questions? No. You never really know where your crowd or scene is until you explore a platform. So it’s sort of trial and error. If you’re on Quora and it’s not working then you move on to the next thing.

And what about finding a job on one of these sites?

I would say, just participate in the content online, and people are always using social media to crowdsource for jobs.

I’m a member of several facebook groups. One is the young entrepreneurs group, where people will say, “Hi, does anyone know of a PR person in Chicago?” I’ll refer people who I don’t know in real life. I follow them on Twitter, and just because of an online relationship I’ll say “you should check out x y and z.”

Or on Quora, you’ll see people asking questions [about how to do things] and you should say, Hey Johnica, if you’re really interested in building a website, that’s what my company does and we can take this conversation offline.”

It’s the same way you network in your daily life at dinner parties, cocktail parties, fundraisers.

A little bird told us that Johnica received a Google+ invite before Guy Kawasaki did, so that should tell you something.

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