Inveterate Hitchhiker John Waters Takes Another Shot at Manhattan

When your article begins with this:

Hitchhiking Through New York City With John Waters”

And then immediately follows, before any article text, with this:


You’re well on your way to a Divine bit of feature-interview journalism. Freelance writer Mark Yarm hung out with the 68-year-old Waters last month as the Baltimore native, with two other signs besides the one shown above, did some signature promotion for new book Carsick. Out this week, Waters’ latest tome details a recent cross-country hitchhiking trip from San Francisco to his beloved hometown.

Even though Waters’ hitchhiking efforts in Manhattan date back to the 1960s and the Holland Tunnel, it is the only burg in the nation where his upraised thumb has proven to be relatively unsuccessful. To find out if he finally broke the Big Apple jinx, read the rest of Yarm’s piece.

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