John Waters Veers Toward ‘New Kind of Perversity’

Third time’s the stretch.


Opening Friday night at the Marianne Boesky Gallery Chelsea location on West 24th Street and running through Valentine’s Day, Beverly Hills John is filmmaker, author and raconteur extraordinaire John Waters‘ third exhibit at this locale. The latest show includes distorted digital portraits of Waters and others, like Justin Bieber, as well as a 72-minute video that channels the great kiddie classroom scene in Annie Hall. From Ann Binlot’s T magazine tease:

Waters has reinvented Pink Flamingos as video art for his new exhibition. “I’ve become my own worst enemy and rewrote the script so that it’s G-rated,” explains Waters, who hired a cast full of children — most, he says, were friends’ kids — to do a costumed table reading that was filmed over the course of one day. The 72-minute video, titled Kiddie Flamingos, pokes fun at the original. “I see it as a new kind of perversity not to ever make an X-rated thing again,” he said.

Binlot has an exclusive preview clip of Kiddie Flamingos, during which Waters can be heard reading some of the screenplay stage direction. Check it out and decide for yourself whether this was a wise Waters experiment.

[Title card via: Marianne Boesky Gallery]

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