John Wall Says Obama is a Bit of a Trash Talker…

"I'm clutch. I'm clutch."

John Wall and the Washington Wizards are preparing for what will hopefully be a successful playoff run, but that didn’t stop them from playing a friendly, little game of pick up with the commander-in-chief at the White House Easter Egg roll on Monday.

According to Wall, however, the game got a little chippy when President Barack Obama was seen running his mouth in the direction of Wall’s teammate, Paul Pierce. After hitting the game-winning shot, the President apparently turned to The Truth and said “I’m clutch. I’m clutch,” followed by “that’s three in a row! Would you like a second?”

CSN’s J. Michael tweeted some of Wall’s comments:

The President is probably just getting all the trash talking out of his system before the Wizards inevitably whup his Bulls in the playoffs again.

Video courtesy of NESN.