Winner of Second Place Behind Slate/Travoltified: The LA Times

Bravo, LA Times editors. Bravo!

In today’s print editions, for a Calendar section article by David Ng and Oliver Gettell about the endlessly fascinating John Travolta/Adele Dazeem flub, the paper went with the following headline:


This great work led us to check what a famous line from A Star is Born might have sounded like if the wife of fading matinee idol Norman Maine had somehow been able to Travoltify his name. From the Shrine Auditorium stage in the 1954 version starring James Mason and Judy Garland, the latter would have proudly proclaimed: “Hello everybody. This is Mrs. Nathan Meems!”

Our thanks to LA journalist Ruben Nepales (@nepalesruben) for the photo. Or as he prefers to be credited in this case, Robin Nicheems.

The online version of the LAT article has a different headline; understandable, since on the Web, everyone would think it was a double typo rather than a super-ingenious wink.

Web version readers are being asked to caption the above photo of Travolta backstage at the Oscars with his powerhouse Rogers & Cowan PR guy Paul Boch. Best suggestion so far comes from RogerCG123:

“In Scientology, Idina Menzel has a profane meaning. I must do something about this.”

P.S. Our suggested caption for the pic by Getty Images photographer Christopher Polk: “Man, it was a lot easier when Grease was the word.”