John Stossel, “Dookie Hole” and Rep. Barney Frank

FBN’s John Stossel took a swipe at House Financial Services Committee Chairman Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) today on ABC’s “The View.” It was his first appearance on ABC since his departure. He discussed President Obama’s new bank tax and Wall Street bonuses—and it’s safe to say he’s pretty passionate about what the government has been doing and thought up a most vile phrase to describe the nation’s state of being.

On why we’re in trouble”
“I think we’re in the dookie hole because of Barney Frank and Congress saying ‘lend to everybody.’ The bankers are just greedy people taking advantage of that.”

The definition of “dookie hole” is too disgusting to print here. But Google has a lovely medical dictionary this time of year.

On what the government should do moving forward:
“Do nothing, and they shouldn’t have given them money to bail them out in the first place.”

Watch the video here.