John Roberts’ Oopsy

Fox News’s newest employee, John Roberts, who recently resigned from CNN, hasn’t been at his new workplace long enough to find the bathroom.

And already, he’s managed to screw up.

Today the newly Atlanta-based journo sent out an email to all his sources and forgot to blind copy. He gave out his new email and said his cell wasn’t changing and listed that too. NJ‘s Major Garrett recently faced a similar mishap.

Lucky for us we have a whole vat of new emails to mine. Thank you John Roberts!

See his e-mail after the jump (minus the sources, of course)…

Hi there..!

I have recently joined Fox News as a national correspondent based in Atlanta.

My new email is:

My cell phone stays the same:
[We’re giving him a break on this one by not publishing…XOXO FishbowlDC]