Podhoretz Fake ‘Bored’ By BuzzFeed

Commentary‘s John Podhoretz continued his harassment-flirting with BuzzFeed earlier in the week, telling one of their reporters he was late on a development in the Gen. David Petraeus sex scandal.

“Wait, wait, so the FBI agent who launched the [Paula] Broadwell investigation sent SHIRTLESS PICS OF HIMSELF to Jill Kelley?” BuzzFeed‘s McKay Coppins tweeted with a link to a newly-published WSJ story. Paula Broadwell and Jill Kelley are (of course) the two women at the center of the scandal which led to Petraeus’ resignation as CIA chief.

“Do try to keep up,” Podhoretz replied 14 minutes later. “That’s so 18 minutes ago.”

Coppins asserted he had sent his tweet out just three minutes after the story was published. “I was bored by it 90 seconds earlier. And you call yourself BuzzFeed,” Podhoretz said in response.

“BURN,” BuzzFeed‘s Zeke Miller chimed in.

Podhoretz concluded with one final flirt: “Stick with cat pictures if you can’t add a salacious detail every 45 seconds. Your reputation is on the line.”

Back in early October Podhoretz started a stink on Twitter with Andrew Kaczynski, another BuzzFeed reporter. He called Kaczynski a “little boy” and a “child” over an originally inaccurate headline published on BuzzFeed.