John Oliver on Banner Ads

There are many memorable sound bytes in John Oliver’s 11-minute rant about native advertising from this weekend’s Last Week Tonight.

FishbowlNY particularly enjoyed Oliver’s take on the waning effectiveness of Web banner ads:

“One study found we only intentionally click on banner ads less than two-tenths of one percent of the time.”

“Which actually sounds about right. Because did you know that if you ever actually click on a banner ad, you literally get taken to a page that reads, ‘Hey, is everything OK? I’m presuming you passed out and hit your head on the keyboard. I’m calling an ambulance right now.'”

From there, Oliver moves on to a great description of Jonah Peretti, some possible sponsored content from BP and several paid-for pieces in the New York Times. Ending with an example how the host would like to see the news folks allowed into native advertising. Enjoy.