John Nack Questions Photoshop, the World Responds


More reaction to things and stuff to talk about, this time all coming from a post Adobe‘s John Nack put up recently talking about the need to redesign the user interface within Photoshop, to make it more configurable and manageable. Cnet‘s blog, Exposed, has a good overview of the whole developing discussion, paraphrasing down most of Nack’s post into a couple of quick paragraphs, then getting a good lay of the land with interviews and such, to get a sense of the consensus about all of this. It’s an interesting topic and one that’s surely going to be passed around and talked about for the next couple of days, so get to preparing your own opinions before you’re asked. Here’s a little of the paraphrased Nack:

“We must make Photoshop dramatically more configurable,” Nack said. “Presenting the same user experience to a photographer as we do to a radiologist, as to a Web designer, as to a prepress guy, is kind of absurd…With the power of customizability, we can present solutions via task-oriented workspaces,” Nack said.

In comparison, Photoshop today is unwelcoming and unhelpful. “Today, if a user walks up to Photoshop and says, ‘What do I do?’ the app kind of shrugs, stubs out a cigarette, and says, ‘I dunno–you tell me.’ That’s not real cool, and we can do better,” Nack said.