John McCalla Tributes


  • I didn’t know John that well. I only met him once but read his column frequently in the WBJ. Life can be so cruel and unfair. He was so young and talented. -“Roxann”

  • “I didn’t know John well, having only spoken with him a few times, but I remember meeting him for the first time the night of our annual Goodwill Fashion Show & Gala in September. He came to take photos to include in a story on the gala because it was a last minute decision and he couldn’t find anyone else. How many editors do you know who would be willing to roll up their sleeves and take photos ON A SATURDAY EVENING for a small story on a charity gala?! As editor, he could have simply demanded one of his employees do it, but instead of ruining their weekend, he decided to do it himself. I thought that was the gesture of a good manager and a dedicated employee. He was also very kind and appreciative of additional information and photos I provided following the event. He made me feel like I was doing him a favor, when in reality he was doing us one by simply by writing about the event. Death is a terrible reality of life, but it’s even more tragic when we lose someone who left this world far too soon! I offer my heartfelt condolences to John’s family, friends and colleagues.” –Brendan Hurley, Senior Vice-President, Marketing & Communications, Goodwill of Greater Washington

  • “I spent a year working under John when he was managing editor. He was a tremendously a nice guy and a very patient and talented editor. He had spent a lot of time in Philadelphia, my hometown, and I recall fondly the conversations we had about the city. He had a great outlook on life, and I’m stunned to hear of his passing. My thoughts go out to his family, everyone over at the biz journal and to all who knew him.” – Tim Lemke, Washington Times