Singer-Songwriter John Mayer: ‘I Live for FedEx Tracking Numbers’

New York Times shares a few Sunday Arts and Leisure outtakes

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Can you say ready-made TV commercial?

For today’s New York Times, Joe Coscarelli caught up in Los Angeles with singer-songwriter John Mayer, whose new album The Search for Everything drops fully next month. The journalist spent four days tailing Mayer to the recording studio, a music video shoot and a restaurant where the two had dinner.

As Coscarelli explains, that expanse of time and Mayer’s fondness for talking left him with voluminous interview outtakes. A few of which he compiled for a separate sidebar, sharing tidbits like this one:

On his love for online shopping:

“I live for FedEx tracking numbers. I have a FedEx tracking number that’s so hot right now I’ll be watching it all night like Norad tracking Santa Claus. It’s from Japan, it’s getting here tomorrow. But [my stuff] gets held up in customs a lot because it’s so much Japanese clothing that customs is like, ‘What store is this going to?’ Like, no, it’s a person. ‘It can’t be going to a person, this is too much commercial value.’”

Ha ha. Another NYT outtake involves Mayer’s prediction of how his dance moves in the music video for new-album track “Still Feel Like Your Man” are going to be received.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.