John Mayer Cancels Twitter: 3 Other Celebrities Who Should Do the Same

The news has arrived: John Mayer has canceled his Twitter account. The famous music artist is terminating his Twitter career because his tour is now over and he is going to focus on studio time — now, his 3.7 million followers will have to look to his blog (on the rising star blog platform Tumblr) for his personal touch. Though some may be sad to see the sultry singer’s tweets go, there are more than a few celebrities who would do well to follow his lead and give their tweeting a rest. Here are the top three stars who should quit while they’re (not) ahead.

Kanye West

The MTV Video Music Awards placed Kanye West in our “love to hate” list after last year’s disaster which found him interrupting and insulting Taylor Swift after she won her award. Since then, nothing he writes on Twitter seems to have any charm at all, from his mundane comments to his spelling errors. His account also has lots of exclamation points — which never makes you look smart — and commentary we just don’t appreciate. For last week’s Fashion Night in New York, he wrote, “Man these is all future wifey types yo!!!!” Nobody wants to hear that from you, Kanye. He would do well to stop tweeting and start working on a new album that will make us forget his 2009 VMA disaster.

Paris Hilton

Famous heiress Paris Hilton has just about a million fewer followers than John Mayer did — and she might want to cancel or revise her account before she catches up, because her tweets don’t exactly shed a whole lot of positive light. If you follow her, you can at least count on like 10 updates a day, but it’s hard to see them as anything other than annoying. For example, look at this series of five consecutive tweets about her scuba diving adventure:

I’m so glad I got some great insight into the wonderful world of Paris Hilton’s ocean adventures. But then of course, anything genuine from this famous-for-being-famous starlet might just come across as fake.

Michael Jackson

Unlike the previous two examples, Michael Jackson’s Twitter page isn’t stupid. It is actually filled with useful links and information about his tribute page, release events for his movie This Is It, etc. Of course, the King of Pop is also a prince of social media, with his talent inspiring endless YouTube videos and fanpages. But because Michael Jackson is no longer with us, a Twitter account in his name feels weird and offputting. The tweets are great, the celebrity was great, but the official account for Michael Jackson has a slight eerieness to it that rivals his Thriller video. Perhaps a new name or better delineation for the page might be able to both honor his memory and serve fans well.

It isn’t just celebrities, but nearly everyone who has trouble sometimes coming up with things to tweet that don’t make people cringe. And for celebrities, perhaps that old standby really does hold: all publicity is good publicity. Although I still think these celebs (or those representing them) would do better to suspend or start over their accounts, it’s possible that would decrease their outreach.

So maybe it’s not the celebrities, but the people who choose to follow them, who need to make better choices about their Twitter usage.