John King Has – GASP – Bieber Fever

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Justin Bieber of all teenage heartthrobs has a fan in CNN’s John King.

The news about King’s connection to the 16-year-old pop sensation came out in a story featured today in the Columbus Dispatch. King is on a three-day tour in Ohio, Pittsburgh and northern Kentucky. The appearances reflect his “shoe leather type of reporting,” the Dispatch reported. During the interview, he is asked about working with his wife, Dana Bash, who also works for CNN.

An excerpt:
Q: Having the same employer as your wife, Capitol Hill reporter Dana Bash, do you get much face time with her on the job?
A: We occasionally commute together with the goal of being able to speak. I drive, and she works the phone and BlackBerry the whole way in. She’ll kill me for saying that. Our offices are less than a mile apart, and we tend to work almost the same schedule, but you never know what is going to happen.

Q: You have an industry reputation as straightforward. Would you share something crazy?
A: I have Bieber fever. My daughter is 13. … I met one of his (Justin Bieber’s) people at a charity reception in Washington. I managed to get an invitation to a quick meet-and-greet before his concert in Newark, N.J. He was very sweet, but it’s not really my music.