John Jessop and the Shed That Launched a Million E-mails

Following yesterday’s completely un-fun story about the Flight 93 Memorial controversy, here’s a far more lighthearted one that follows that same pattern of us hearing about it a long while back and then, strangely, having it come back and scattered around within the big media outlets. It’s the story of John Jessop, an architect who had to go through a whole slew of inane bureaucracy to explain a “design access statement” to the UK government about a small shed he had on his property. He passed along his smarmy reply and over the course of a couple of years, that e-mail reply has made its rounds through a million in boxes. It’s a cute story and is sort of like reading the whole story behind one of those joke e-mails your friends and family are always forwarding you, much to your great distaste.