David Carr’s Widow Congratulates Trio of Worthy Fellows

John Herrman, Amanda Hess and Greg Howard start at The New York Times March 15.

Is three the new one? First, it was Sports Illustrated taking the unprecedented step of going with three covers for its annual Swimsuit Edition. Now comes the news that from some 600 applicants, The New York Times has selected a trio of inaugural David Carr Fellows.

Set to spend two years in The New York Times newsroom starting March 15 are The Awl’s John Herrman, Slate’s Amanda Hess and Deadspin’s Greg Howard. Herrman will cover media and business; Hess will write about culture; and Howard will contribute to The New York Times Magazine and other desks. From today’s announcement:

“We found these three candidates so compelling that we decided to select all of them,” said Dean Baquet, executive editor, The New York Times. “They are thoughtful, deep reporters. We will learn as much from them as they will from us.”

Added Jill Rooney Carr, Mr. Carr’s widow. “In the spirit of David’s curiosity, his ability to see around the corner, and his preference to show rather than tell – I can say with certainty that he would have made these choices himself. On behalf of the Carr family, we congratulate Amanda, Greg and John and can’t wait to see their work on the written page, on the screen or in a nascent medium that’s yet to be explained.”

In today’s New York Times press release, there are also brief excerpts from each of the three chosen candidates’ Fellowship applications. Congratulations to Herrman, Hess and Howard (yes, three “H’s”, too!) on landing one of the best new beats in newspaper journalism.

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