John Harwood Hired At NYT… Are These Bad Times To Be A WSJ Pundit On CNBC?


The New York Times has a high profile new writer in Washington: John Harwood of CNBC.

Yes, the same John Harwood who has been writing the “Washington Wire” column in the WSJ for years.

Harwood’s hire was announced on Monday night—putting an end to a concerted effort by the Rupe‘d up Wall Street Journal to lure Harwood over to their paper permanently. Why did Harwood go with the NYT instead of the WSJ? Bring on the baseball metaphors! In an interview with, we learn:

Although the Journal still has a partnership deal with CNBC through 2012-which prohibits financial and business writers from appearing on competing networks-political reporters can go on the newly launched Fox Business Network.

“You can’t play for the Yankees and the Red Sox at the same time,” Harwood said.

But does this make News Corp. the Yankees or the Red Sox? That, readers, is the million dollar question.