John Harris Tries to Waterboard Us Again

John Harris, co-founder of Politico went on CNN’s Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz this weekend to talk about the coming election season. Although it was a roundtable with Matt Lewis from The Daily Caller and Margaret Carlson from Bloomberg, Kurtz dismissed them and settled in for a one-on-one with Harris about (SHOCKER, please sit down for this one…) Politico’s new E-Book, The Right Fights Back. Guess they realized the constant barrage of book promotion to it’s readers on “Playbook” had reached it’s saturation point and they needed to waterboard a new audience.

Harris takes a moment to talk about “classic new media reporter,” Mike Allen during the interview. On his relationship with Allen, Harris went on a seriously mushy mission and says, “I’ve always had a degree of frustration that he knows so much. There’s so much information rattling around his head and in his notebook.” Wow, John… This Mike Allen sounds like a real dreamboat! Tell me more! Now this is awkward… Kurtz next asks if Harris is disappointed that the E-Book didn’t make more news and “generate more headlines.” Harris says that Allen “did a lot of publicity in the first week and we’re quite pleased with that.” So the strategy worked? Well, not exactly. Harris admits that when it’s all said and done, they “might make a little money on this.” So, there you have it. Even after constant promotion, direct emails to its readers and non-stop mentions, they’ll make “a little money.”  Is all that worth pissing off the people that read your work?

Harris is banking on the fact that we won’t mind drowning in future E-Books. In fact, he says they’re planning “3 or 4 more” before the election.

Check out “Reliable Sources” by clicking here.