John Dickerson Is The Atlantic’s Newest Contributing Editor

His first piece is out today

Say you’re the moderator of Face the Nation and CBS News’ chief Washington correspondent. Say in the free time you manage to find, you also contribute to Slate’s Political Gabfest, on which you appear almost every week, sometimes twice. On top of that, you solo host Whistlestop, a bi-monthly podcast also appearing on Slate that doubles as the name of your latest book. Do you A) continue with this busy schedule as is? or B) add to it?

If you’re John Dickerson, and in this scenario you could be only John Dickerson, the correct choice is B. Dickerson signs on to The Atlantic as a contributing editor, where he will be writing for both the print and digital version of the publication. In fact, he has already written his first piece, a 1400-or-so-word number on the only thing that anybody is talking about today, James Comey, as part of an exploration into why Trump is an “impossible boss.” It’s currently the third most popular story on the site.

In an interesting bit of parallelism, his piece, which we didn’t start reading until after we wrote the above paragraphs, also begins with a quiz:

James Comey’s opening statement reads like the test answer you’re supposed to give at the end of the Human Resources training video. When your superior makes you uncomfortable should you a) explain your boundaries b) discuss the issue with your direct report c) make contemporaneous notes to lock in your recollection or d) all of the above.

Comey picked D.

You can read the rest of it here.