John Carney Fired From Business Insider

John Carney has been fired from his position as managing editor of Clusterstock, Business Insider‘s finance and gossip blog. Carney was dismissed late yesterday Business Insider owner Henry Blodget in something of a surprise move, according to the Village Voice.

The general consensus seems to be that Carney is out because he, Blodget, and publisher Julie Hansen could not agree on how to cover and present stories. Blodget pushed for clicks through sensational headlines and features, like galleries, while Carney preferred focusing on breaking stories and in-depth reporting.

Carney is also rumored to have not been garnering the traffic Blodget was hoping for, despite his sizable paycheck.

Carney had been at Clusterstock since September of 2008 after leaving Dealbreaker, also a financial gossip site.