John Berman Has Mug Envy

A comprehensive look at the #MugsNow timeline.

John Berman had an emptiness inside. An emptiness that could only be filled by a mug.

Over the past month, the co-anchor of CNN’s Early Start felt a bit neglected that his show didn’t have coffee mugs. Other shows gave him mugs out of pity, and a viewer even had a mug made for him – but it wasn’t enough. John wanted his show to have their own mugs! So he took to social media to unleash his campaign for #MugsNow:


Then came the pity mugs… Freed Zakaria and “New Day” offered their own mugs to pacify the furious Berman, but he wouldn’t relent on his dream of an “Early Start” mug.


In his darkest hour, a desperate Berman took matters into his own hands…



Movin’ in the right direction…


A viewer then made a pretty decent “Early Start” mug (but note the tiny John Berman font).

image005At one point, Bill Weir sent his condolences to Berman — while simultaneously revealing he may have a bit of a drinking problem…


But enough was enough. CNN finally did the right thing yesterday, handing out official “Early Start” mugs to Berman’s fellow CNNers.

All was finally well in the CNN universe. Oh, minus the fact that as of yesterday, he still didn’t have a mug