Screenwriter John August Describes His Daily Work Routine

Longtime Tim Burton collaborator John August, whose credits on that front include Charlie’s Angels, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and next year’s Frankenweenie, has always been at the cutting edge of the Internet. He was one of the first name screenwriters to start blogging regularly, and today he took the time to outline his weekday writing regimen.

He starts off with the funny revelation that it wasn’t until around age four that his daughter realized that “off to work” meant an office above the garage, about 100 feet away. And leave it to August to use the title of a certain Richard Dean Anderson TV series… as a verb:

For the past six months, I’ve been doing most of my “morning work”–reading and blog stuff, such as writing this post–while walking on the treadmill. I MacGyvered an old film festival lanyard to hold my iPad 2, and use an Apple bluetooth keyboard. I find I can think coherently up to about 3.2 miles per hour. (Beyond that speed, it’s genuine cardio and I can only listen to podcasts and such.)

Screenwriters hear so many bogus excuses from producers, moguls and the like. But in August’s case, FishbowlLA thinks he now has at least one new fallback of his own. Sorry, he can tell prospective creative undesirables; I must have got to your proposal after the 3.2-mile mark.