IMDb Puts Erroneous John August Projects in Turnaround

Screenwriter John August is now a member of a very privileged group: people listed on IMDb who have managed to get the Seattle behemoth to respond full-throttle to notifications of erroneous info.

In his blog post, August suggests that IMDb’s quick action might have had something to do with the fact that other even bigger names were also tangled into the mess of two short films he never touched:

I suspect some higher-up at IMDb paid attention, because the other writers who had been listed (including Joss Whedon) are also now unlinked. But the same director is still drafting on credits for other filmmakers. IMDb has corrected one mistake, but not their system.

From a Starbucks-camp-out perspective, the fact that a mere eight hours elapsed from the time of August’s original blog post to IMDb taking proper action stretches the limits of Act Two credulity. The wrongly listed (and now removed) shorts on his page were Phil Coulson: Agent of Shield and Coulson’s Day Off.

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