Joel John Roberts Signs On as a Guest Blogger for

People Assisting the Homeless CEO and founder of the LA homeless blog Poverty Insights Joel John Roberts has signed on to’ Daily Vitamin blog as a guest blogger covering homeless issues.

His first post for the site deals with the issue of the effort to get rid of overnight campers in Venice. A taste:

Homelessness in RV’s is today’s version of the 1980’s shelter system.

Last summer, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority and a local homeless agency counted nearly 250 vehicles filled with homeless people parked in this beach community. It was in response to an angry backlash from homeowners in the area who complained vehemently to the local City Councilmember that homeless persons were dumping trash and substances even worse in front of their homes.

More than 200 homeless vehicles in a small, trendy beach community is a recipe for conflict.