‘Political Reporter’ Joe Williams Resurfaces

Joe Williams, who was forced to leave Politico last summer after calling Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney racist, has made his way back into the public eye. On Current TV’s “The Young Turks” Thursday night, Williams, simply identified as a “political reporter,” commented on his visit to the Conservative Political Action Conference earlier that day.

“It reminded me of one of those ‘monsters of rock’ tours where everybody wants to go to hear the hits,” he said… “You want to hear the old stuff but you don’t want to go to hear the new material. You want to hear the hits like low taxes, deregulation, smaller government. You don’t want to hear the new stuff like immigration reform, reaching out to minorities or doing something about medical reform.”

Williams, who runs his own loosely-updated Blogspot blog, went on to call CPAC a “five-day conference.” It’s only three days.

Full video here.