Joe the Plumber is the New Sarah the Governor

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So Barack Obama last week was in Ohio and met this plumber, his name was Joe Wurzelbacher.

John McCain having never actually met Joe, used him as a prop in last night’s debate. It was like the dueling bracelets, thing last time. So McCain throws Joe – say it ain’t so – into the debate about taxes and small businesses. Both candidates end up addressing Joe directly.

Joe it turns out, is a perfect talking points guy. He says all the things that McCain’s seconds say. He’s perfect. McCain has an affinity for bald men, mention hair transplants in the debate before last. Joe is ‘Joe Six Pack’. He’s the perfect symbol to bring into this election cycle cluttered with pit bulls and hockey moms.

Only plumbing is a recession proof industry and Joe Wurzelbacher is NOT registered to vote. Which for a ‘voter’ is like Sarah Palin not being able to take any follow up questions.

Which IS actually the perfect symbol for this election cycle.

Shark. Jumped. Lame.

UPDATE: Joe is registered. But funny enough his name is spelled wrong, so he’s one of those Ohio voter ‘discrepancies‘. He is a plumber but not one with a plumber’s license…so our original point stands. Cough.