Joe Scarborough’s Obsession With Kate Upton

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough has an obsession with Kate Upton, and he’s not shy about it.

Scarborough mentioned the name of the model (and niece of Rep. Fred Upton (R-Fla.), with whom Scarborough served in Congress) multiple times throughout this morning’s show on MSNBC. As the guests were being introduced, which included GQ’s Michael Hainey, Scarborough excitedly hoped for photos of Upton.

“I bet he has pictures of Kate Upton in there,” Scarborough said, referencing Hainey.

Shortly after, he added “I’m actually searching for those photos as we speak.”

It didn’t end there.

Scarborough opened the segment that featured Hainey, which was to discuss GQ’s annual comedy issue, with this:

“I was going to ask you about Kate Upton, but my eyes have been drawn to Will Arnett.”

After flipping through the spread featuring Arnett, he didn’t waste much time critiquing the issue.

“This is a great issue,” Scarborough said. “No pictures of Kate Upton, but a great issue.”

Later, after going the magazine, Scarborough wondered aloud:

“Where’s Kate Upton?”

“There’s no Kate Upton,” Hainey snapped back at the host.

Fast Company’s Bob Safian came on the show later to discuss the magazine’s new issue featuring their 100 Most Creative People in Business.

As the segment ended, Scarborough got in one more mention of Upton as he was thumbing through the magazine. “Unlike those shameless hacks at GQ, I bet there are no pictures of Kate Upton in here,” he cracked.

We’re hoping Scarborough found some photos of the model, if only to spare his co-hosts and viewers from hearing her name again.


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