WWD Chats With Time Inc.’s Joe Ripp

Alexandra Steigrad sat down with the chairman and CEO at the evolving media company's Midtown HQ.

This is probably not the look Time Inc. PR people were hoping for when they scheduled WWD reporter Alexandra Steigrad:

Ripp sat at a small round table that looked like it was borrowed from an elementary school teacher’s classroom.

Media disruption class is in session! Nonetheless, what follows is an intriguing Q&A with the chairman and CEO. Ripp underscores once again how well he thinks National Geographic has managed the transition from print to digital, pulls James Bond into the sponsored content equation and revisits a related cover hullabaloo:

“When we took an ad on the cover from Verizon on Time magazine, there was a big flap over that. I defy anyone to find the ad on the cover of Time magazine. It was like that [makes small gesture with fingers]. We’ve done cover wraps for years, so the question we ask the MPA and the American Society of Magazine Editors who recently changed their guidelines: “Why can’t there be an ad on the cover?” There’s one on The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal — those are journalistic enterprises. Now, we don’t plan on placing ads on our covers, but my question was, ‘Why?'”

Asked later if Time Inc. would be interested in Condé Nast should that rival come on to the market, Ripp replied: “Absolutely.” Read the rest of the conversation – and Steigrad’s great video content suggestion involving her subject – here.

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[Photo courtesy: timeinc.com]