Joe Householder, Former Crisis Counselor to Roger Clemens Joins Purple Strategies

Joe Householder, the man who advised Roger Clemens on media strategy in the winter of 2007-2008 is joining the newly-formed political consultancy Purple Strategies in D.C. according to a bcc email from Householder to his friends and colleagues.

Householder worked with Clemens while in Texas as Managing Director of Public Strategies Inc. Prior to that job, he was Communications Director to Senator Hillary Clinton in 2003-2004.

According to the email:

The bipartisan firm led by veteran Democratic strategist Steve McMahon and veteran Republican strategist Alex Castellanos offers business clients strategic counseling, positioning, communications and public affairs support. It’s a perfect fit for me and the type of work I do for trade associations, corporations, senior corporate executives and other high profile individuals.

McMahon and Castellanos have a ton of campaign and advisory experience between them including work for the Howard Dean, Mitt Romney, and George W. Bush presidential runs. McMahon was also a Ted Kennedy staffer. Both are regular guests on cable talk shows.

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