Joe Cross Shares Content Tips: ‘If Your Content is Good, It Will Get Seen’

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Here’s the thing. So many of us are toiling away at day jobs with the dream of writing the great American novel at night. Or maybe you’re hoping to get more followers on your YouTube channel so you can stop juggling four freelance jobs and focus on just one or two.

Or maybe it’s a straightforward scenario: you don’t have a side job but you’re incredibly focused on your day job and getting content out there.

Whatever the case, one thing’s in common for sure: We’re all pretty darn passionate about the content we’re creating. That’s why Joe Cross says, “If your content is good, it will get seen.”

Last week we had the opportunity to catch up with Joe the Juicer. He knows a thing or two about viewership. His first documentary, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, ended up with 20 million viewers!

“There’s not a simple answer to how I got here,” recalls the Australian author of The Reboot With Joe Juice Diet and star of the follow-up documentary, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2.

By focusing on “wealth and not health,” several years ago Cross was in poor health and on medication, determined to do something about it. After juicing (and by that we mean living on vegetables and fruits via juicing) for 60 days across 3,000 miles, he got off his medication and ultimately lost 100 pounds. “Seventy percent of all diseases are caused by lifestyle choices,” he adds.

By tracking the original journey on-camera, he points out, “Why was it possible [to succeed] in 2011 and it wasn’t possible in 2001? Netflix and social media.”

So if you sometimes doubt yourself or your content, trust that there’s an insatiable appetite from readers and viewers for valuable content. “If your content is good enough, it will get seen,” he remarks.

There’s a way to do it smartly as well since right now so much content is available online for free. “There are still people prepared to pay for content if there’s value for it.”

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 will be available for rent or sale on November 18.

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